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Western Iowa’s Most Beautiful County

By admin on March 23, 2020 0 Comments

According to the US Census Bureau, Monona County has a total area of 699 square miles, of which 694 is land and 4.9 is water. We lie on the western border of Iowa along the Missouri River. Monona County is home to the beautiful Loess Hills which add year-round beauty to our area and provide ample area for hunting, hiking and exploring.

Monona County is also home to the Lewis and Clark State Park, Huff’s Access Point, and Parts of Preparation Canyon State Forest.

We also boast rich, fertile soil and incredible flatlands in the area which lends itself to farming, new trends in agri-business, tourism, hunting and fishing.

Monona County Supervisors are pioneers for growth in Monona County! As an MCEDP Partner, they have contributed to many of the progressive changes you are seeing today. Thank you Monona County, For your support and partnership in Growth.

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