RAGBRAI Journey Through Monona County

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Our entire county is very excited to be the beginning of your 2018 RAGBRAI adventure. Named for the term “Beautiful Valley” Monona County is home to very well kept National, State, and County Parks. While visiting here you will quickly find that you feel as though you are among friends whether you have been here for 50 years or 5 minutes. Positioned between two cities, Monona County is an excellent place to visit, live, and even start a business. While you are here, please take time to stop at a local shop!

Your journey through Monona County begins with a huge downtown party in Onawa where you can enjoy the happenings at local businesses, home cooked meals from our churches, and delicious Eskimo Pies!

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After that first tasty sip of coffee on Sunday morning, you will head East out of town and soon enter the small town of Turin. At the Gateway to the Loess Hills, you will be greeted with excited locals serving up breakfast burritos, pancakes and more!

As you travel through the Loess Hills, taking in the breathtaking scenery, consider challenging yourself by riding the optional gravel loop. Halfway into the gravel loop, you will travel through the town of Moorhead. Home to plenty of historical sites and the Loess Hills welcome center, Moorhead is also known for life in the great outdoors. Enjoy music, a farm equipment show, great food, and a giant swing set downtown.

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Upon completion of the gravel loop, you will enter the City of Soldier, also known as Oletown. Soldier locals are excited to have you pass through and welcome you to take part in their Norwegian heritage. Enjoy taking some fun photos and listening to live music in the downtown beer garden.

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Finally, get ready to have a great meal in the town where Jesse James once did. The City of Ute is an official meeting town and your last stop in Monona County. In Ute, you will enjoy taking part in fun activities such as water slides, bike challenges, dunk tanks, photo ops, a signature wall, and the Loess Hills Saddle Club.

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We hope you enjoy our wonderful county and have a safe ride across Iowa.

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