Monona County Veteran Unveils Tough As Nails Handmade Business

By admin on August 18, 2020 0 Comments

Iraq War Veteran, Matt Kelm, and his wife, Sam, recently announced to their Facebook and Instagram followers that they have founded a business creating handmade leather products from scratch! Their new company is called Iron Hide Trading Company. The business was founded in Mapleton, Iowa on a passion to create a product that was so tough, it could last a lifetime.

“The symbol above the name is a Combat Infantryman Badge. Many years ago I was an Infantryman in Iraq operating in the Anbar providence of western Iraq. That part of my life played a huge role inshaping me into what I am today. Good or bad… Our goods are inspired by my time in Iraq and the toughness that an experience like that instills into you. Our goal in this business is to gain Independence for our family. Keep an eye out for exciting things to come!” – Matt Kelm

One of their first products to debut is a classy, yet tough, leather wallet they call the “Flap Jack.”

The Flap Jack includes two card slots inside that should hold at least 6 cards per slot.

It also features a hidden pocket on the right and a cash/note flap on the left.

Recently, Sam also showed off a gorgeous bag, hand-stitched by Matt, on her facebook page that had everyone raving about the new products from Iron Hide Trading Co!

Monona County is proud to have another veteran owned business and really excited to watch and help them grow. You can stay up to date with their latest happenings and featured products on Instagram:


To learn more about resources available to help start or expand a business in Monona County, please visit our economic development website: for more information.

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