Funding your business in Monona County

Revolving Loan Funds (RLFs) and Intermediary Relending Programs (IRPs)

RLFs & IRPs are local funding sources with a goal of providing low-interest loans to assist with local economic and community development projects. Priorities include job creation and retention, diversification of the local economy, improving the skills of the rural workforce, and upgrading the public infrastructure to improve the health, safety and/or medical care of rural residents.

Western Iowa Power Cooperative (WIPCO) RLF

City of Onawa RLF

Northern Iowa Power Cooperative (NIPCO) RLF

Northern Iowa Power Cooperative (NIPCO) IRP

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Dream Big Grow Here Annual Grant Competition

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Local Incentives

City of Onawa

Exterior Facade Grant up to $2500 with matching low-interest loan

Electric Rebates


Gas and Electric Rebates

Monona County

Tax Abatement Program For Commercial or Industrial Real Estate

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State Incentives

Iowa is a right to work state with a low cost of doing business. The state’s success may be because Iowa has a business climate that consistently ranks among the best in the nation. Or, it could be the legendary Midwestern work ethic, the abundant raw materials or access to markets that makes companies prosper. Click Here to learn more about Iowa’s Business Development programs and incentives.